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Coconut Water


Passion fruit Lemonade


Ginger Beer/ Lemon Lime Bitters


Ginger Ale/ Tonic Water/Soda Water


Juice Pineapple/Apple/Orange /Cranberry


Coke/Diet Coke/Coke Zero/ L & P/ Sprite


Add raspberry


Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml


Indian Drink/Mocktail

Indian Chai Tea                                                                                                          $ 6.00
Lemon Mint Iced Tea                                                                                                 $ 7.00
Mango Lassi     yoghurt mango pulp                                                                        $ 7.00
Chhas(salted lassi )  yoghurt, mint ,black salt, cumin, & ginger                         $ 7.00
Tangy Tamarind Thunder- tamarind juice, lime juice, mint & sprite                 $ 9.00
Coconut Cucumber Cooler- coconut water cucumber puree  lime and mint   $10.00
Malabar Mocktail-  Orange, Pineapple, Mango Juice, coconut Cream             $10.00
Passion kiwi refresh- passion fruit pulp kiwi  fruit &mint                                   $11.00
Cold coffee-      boiled milk, vanilla ice cream, coffee,& sugar  syrup                $11.00


                                          Beer/Cider/Craft Beer

Amstel Light                                  $7.00 Monteiths Apple Cider                        $7.00
Lakeman Hairy Hop IPA(Taupo) $9.00 Hawkes Bay Black Duck Porter          $9.00
Steinlager Classic          $7.50 Budweiser                                         $8.00
Kingfisher                                                  $7.00 Corona                                                      $8.00
Tiger                                                   $7.50 Macs hop rocker pilsner               $8.00
Heineken                                          $8.00 Steinlager Pure                               $8.00



Pina Colada- rum coconut milk pineapple juice $12.00
Mojito- White Rum, mint, lime and Club Soda $13.00
Mango Malibu Mojito– Malibu Rum, mango, mint, lime and Club Soda $14.00
Tequila Slammer- Tequila, sprite ginger ale $12.00
Jamaican Mule- Appleton Rum, Ginger Beer and Lime $12.00
Gin & tonic- Gin, tonic lemon $10.00
Long Island Iced Tea- rum vodka tequila gin, triple sec lime juice & coke $18.00
Summer gin kick- Bombay sapphire gin passion fruit pulp lime juice mint       $12.00
Tequila Tamarind Thunder- tequila tamarind juice, lime, mint & sprite           $12.00



30 ml serve with your choice of coke, sprite, soda, ginger ale, tonic water or on the roc

Blue Label whisky                           $25.00   Coruba Rum                      $ 8.00
Black Label whisky                         $12.00 Appleton Rum                         $10.00
Chivas Regal whisky                       $10.00 Captain Morgan Rum         $ 8.00
Jamson whisky                                  $9.00           Bacardi White rum                 $8.00             
Jack Daniels whisky                        $9.00                   Bombay Sapphire Gin           $10.00
Jim beam whisky             $8.00     Absolute Vodka               $ 8.00


House Wine

Sauvignon Blanc $8.00  Syrah  $8.00
Chardonnay $8.00 Merlot $8.00
Pinot Gris $8.00 Pinot Noir  $9.00
Riesling $8.00 Cabernet Sauvignon  $9.00
Gewurztraminer $8.00



Haha Brut CuveeNew Zealand Creamy peach ripeness combines with complex brioche, nutty notes and lemon $35.00
Lindauer Classic Brut (200ml) – New Zealand A drier style wine, the taste is crisp and complex with notes of citrus $9.00
Veuve du Vernay BrutFrance Pale straw in colour, fresh, fruity and floral on the nose. $11.00




Haha – Marlborough Peach and tropical notes match with a caramelised creamy nutty oak and a lingering silky finish $32.00
Wither Hills – Marlborough subtle fresh lime, grapefruit & peach interlaced with fine-grained French oak nuances of spice $33.00
Church Road – Hawke’s Bay A flavourful, multidimensional Chardonnay with a core of ripe stone fruit and fragrant citrus $35.00

Sauvignon Blanc

Haha – Marlborough A burst of concentrated gooseberry and passion fruit flavours mouth feel with a clean limey dry $32.00

Mills Reef Estate – Marlborough Off-dry style, offers intense passion fruit and lime, lemon citrus and floral notes

Oyster Bay – Marlborough Enticing citrus notes and tropical flavours – youthful, elegant and fresh with a lingering, zesty $33.00


Pinot Gris / Riesling / Gewurztramminer

Haha Pinot Gris – Hawke’s Bay. Luscious pear, apple & mango notes with a rich texture & mouth feel, finishing    Clean and dry $32.00
Peregrine Saddleback Pinot Gris –Central Otago citrus & ginger aromatics & flavours of fresh pear, apricot & Stone fruit $37.00
Peter Yealands Riesling – Marlborough citrus zest & honey flavours, with hallmark citrus blossom notes & refreshing Acidity $32.00
Mud House Gewurztraminer – Marlborough Balanced, smooth & luscious with integrated rose petal, ginger &   Subtle musk $32.00

Merlot / Cabernet

Haha Merlot – Hawke’s Bay Ripe plum and wild berries combine with spice and vanilla oak on the $32.00
Mills Reef Merlot Cabernet – Hawke’s Bay Blackcurrant and boysenberry aromas and flavor $35.00
Church Road Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon –Hawke’s Bay Densely colored red with a core of dark plum $35.00

  Pinot Noir

Haha – Marlborough Juicy berry and dark cherries combine with a rich savory spice on the palate $36.00
Akarua Rua – Central Otago Layers of sweet, ripe, red berries, subtle savory characters and a touch of spice $55.00
Te Mata Gamay Noir – Hawke’s Bay A cherry bon-bon on the nose, with fresh raspberry, juicy strawberry $42.00
Mount Ford Liaison – Waipara  This Pinot Noir is warm and rich with a luscious medium-to-full body and vibrant acidity $50.00

   Shiraz / Syrah                                                    

Trinity Hill Syrah – Hawke’s Bay The blackberry, spice and red liquorices nuances combine to produce a fruit dominant $38.00
Church Road Syrah – Hawke’s Bay Rich plum and berry fruit is lifted by fragrant spice, violet and liquorices aromas. $35.00
Ngatarawa Stables Reserve Syrah – Hawke’s Bay raspberries &plums distinctive white pepper, Anise & sweet spice finish $38.00